LAHSA Service Planning Area 6 Community Plan for the Coordinated Entry System for Individual Adults and Transitional Age Youth

In 2013 Los Angeles County began introduction of a Coordinated Entry System (CES) to collate and rank applications for homeless housing and other services on a countywide basis according to need. Previously each of the hundreds of service providers simply maintained their own lists and provided housing or services either on a first-come-first-served basis or on their single organization’s need ranking system.

In 2016 the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the city-county homeless oversight organization, issued a call to service providers in each of the county’s Service Planning Areas to create community plans for applying CES. This was to be the first step preparatory to issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) for taking part in the CES system.

For SPA 6 (South Los Angeles from the 10 Freeway down to and including Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount), LAHSA asked for two separate community plans: one for families and the other for single individuals and Transitional Age Youths (TAY). A large number of SPA6 stakeholder organizations responded to this call and produced the two plans presented here.

Because the community plans were conceived as preliminary to RFPs for implementers, “RFP” appears in several of the document headings, but these are final community plans, not RFPs.

Below is a link to the PDF of the plan for individual adults and Transitional Age Youths:


Community Plan_SPA6 (Form B1)_rev 06.27.16 FINAL REPORT ONLY.pdf