Tara Brown

Treasurer of SPA6 Homeless Coalition

Director of Programs at Upward Bound House


Tara is a dynamic management professional with over 15 years of progressive leadership and management experience. She has a strong programs and administrative background in non-profit management, gathered from her various leadership roles in housing and homeless services; including Outreach Coordinator for ESAP Program at WLCAC, Director of Tenant Hotline for the Housing Rights Center, and Chief Administrative Officer at PATH. Tara came to UBH in 2017, and provides oversight, management, and systems integration to the various housing and employment programs at UBH. She is responsible for overall program development, implementation, outcomes and evaluation. Ms. Brown also has extensive experience in building community partnerships and support for programs, to further improve and enrich the various wrap-around services available to the families we serve.


 When Tara isn’t working on UBH projects, she is immersed in serving the community through her membership on the Board of Directors for Sanctuary of Hope, a non-profit agency working with Transition Age Youth. She is also an avid outdoors-person, sports fan, and is a member of the Rancho Tennis Club, Harbor City Volleyball League, and Westside Volleyball League. She came to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in History. She is also involved with her favorite charities UniCamp, and Sunshine Kids.