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The Small Business (and Nonprofits) Relief Program is extended: High likelihood that thousands of nonprofits will get grants!

First, congratulations to the more than 6,000 California nonprofits that have already received approximately $78 million this year from the California Relief Grant program (that's a lot!). There will be two NEW application windows for nonprofits with $1.5 billion in new funding available. Don't miss out! (Pass this along to friends, too!)
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How to Apply for the California Relief Grant Program

Tuesday, August 17 from 1pm to 2pm
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Join us as we answer your questions about the program, and go through the application process with an emphasis on how nonprofits can fit into the application form.  Register here .
Speakers from CalNonprofits:
Sue Sigler , CSBG Program Manager
Jan Masaoka , CEO
Lucy Salcido Carter , Public Policy Director

Three Funding Rounds: Eligibility, Dates,
and Details

Total funding: $1.5 billion
Round 7: August 3 – September 16
For processing applications already on the waitlist; no new applications accepted.
Round 8: August 27 – September 8 NEW
For qualifying arts and cultural organizations not already funded in Round 4.
To apply beginning August 27:
Round 9: September 9 – September 30 NEW
For new applicants, those denied for applying on the wrong form, and waitlisted applicants from earlier rounds ( those waitlisted do not reapply) Round 8 applicants should also apply in Round 9 using a different email address.
To apply beginning September 9:

Getting Help

CalNonprofits continues to provide application assistance and advocacy to help nonprofit organizations access the CA Relief Grant for small businesses and nonprofits. Since the end of last year, we’ve helped thousands of applicants to apply and to work through the program requirements. We continue to hear your issues and present them to our partners at the state and at Lendistry. And we’re overjoyed each time we hear about another of the thousands of nonprofits who have gotten critical funding to continue their work.
Should I reapply if I’m on the waitlist?
Waitlisted applications will be considered in Rounds 7 and 9. There’s no need to reapply.
Can I get another grant in a different round?
You can only receive one grant from the program regardless of which round you apply in.
How can I check my application status?
Applicants can log back into their applications to check the status message. For more information, see our FAQs .
Who has gotten funding?
The California Office of the Small Business Advocate has released a report on grants for Rounds 1–3.
It's been an honor and inspiring to talk to so many grassroots nonprofits!


  • Sue Sigler, CalNonpropfits, at or call Sue at
    (415) 535-0738 for questions about the content of your application .
  • CalNonprofits has no control over the Lendistry application website. For technical questions related to website functioning or application status, please call (888) 612-4370, M–F, 7am–7pm, or email .

Check  for frequent updates and to read our  FAQ .

Help Others

There are thousands of nonprofits – especially smaller ones, rural ones, and ones in low-income and/or communities of color – that either haven't heard of this grant program or got confused by the process in the first rounds. Take a minute to think of an all-volunteer food pantry, dance troupe, soccer league, drill team, or other organizations you can share this information with – and encourage them to apply.
The California legislature authorized $1.5 billion in additional financial relief for nonprofits and small businesses – and created two new rounds of funding – meaning there is much more reason to apply than ever before. For the most current information check .

Watch Out for Scammers

Information and support for this program are FREE! Do not pay for help completing or submitting this application and DO NOT visit - this is a fraudulent site . The correct site is . (No “s” at the end of “grant” and different extension.) If you provided personal information to the fraudulent site, change your bank passwords and freeze your credit immediately.
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Contact info: Christine Metropoulos (
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