Homeless Response Sector Frontline Worker Funds

DUE Wednesday: We wanted to remind everyone about this incredible opportunity from Cedars Sinai and Social Justice Partners LA to give Frontline staff who worked through the pandemic, an extra bonus. The application is very easy!

We are still accepting applications for Homeless Response Sector Frontline Worker Funds

7 Best Ways to Support Local Homeless Shelters

[The following post is from the Charity Navigator Blog of Glen Rock, New Jersey

https://blog.charitynavigator.org/2018/06/7-best-ways-to-support-local-homeless.html ]

Recently, we’ve been talking about ways you can support local charities and the causes you care about on a budget. We shared tips for donating your old clothes, a list of things you can contribute to your local animal shelter, and a guide to finding meaningful (and fun) volunteer opportunities

Today we’re sharing 7 budget-friendly ways to support the homeless shelter in your community. Typically, we look for ways to support our local shelter when the weather gets cold and people are looking for a warm meal and place to stay, but shelters operate all year long. They provide shelter, resources, and other services to individuals experiencing homelessness in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Helping the Homeless During a Natural Disaster

This graphic guide was produced by Eastern Kentucky University's emergency management program. It contains many good suggestions for homeless service agencies and individuals for providing aid to homeless persons during a natural disaster. Their statistics are a little dated, from the 2017 homeless count, and some of the organizations they suggest contacting do not have local Los Angeles chapters, but the general advice is useful.


Helping Our Homeless Neighbors: Downloadable brochure (or can view online) with extensive sources of help for the homeless in LA County Service Planning Area 6

A new three-fold brochure on homeless resources for SPA6 (South Los Angeles County) has just been issued jointly by the Empowerment Congress, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and the SA6 Homeless Coalition. Below is a list of the neighborhoods and cities the resources cover, and some broad categories of what they offer. There is a link at the bottom of the article to see or download the full brochure.

These communities and surrounding neighborhoods are within the LA County Service Planning Area 6 (SPA 6):

Baldwin Hills •Compton • Crenshaw

Exposition Park • Florence

Gramercy Park • Hyde Park

Jefferson Park •Ladera Heights

Leimert Park • Lynwood • Paramount

Rosewood • South Los Angeles

South Central • South Park

University Park • Vermont • Watts

West Adams • Willowbrook   Windsor Hills


Contains information on Mental Health resources, Shelters, where to get Showers, Safe Parking, Victims of Domestic Violence. Specific information for Families, Single Adults, and Youth.


Click here to see or download the brochure


The following is a snapshot of ways to get ready to qualify for funding and information about potential funding sources.  In addition,

Measure H Funding Opportunities


LAHSA – Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Information & Qualification Process

Info Sheet:


Qualification Process: