Resources for Homeless People with Pets

Research on Homeless People With Pets

While we often think that homeless people seldom have pets because of not having a real home to provide for their pets, this is typically not the case. In fact, many people become homeless because they would prefer to be homeless with their pet than in a home without them.

Providing their pet with love and care often gives them a feeling of normalcy that they wouldn’t otherwise have under those circumstances. As long as the person is able to keep their pet well-fed, cared for, groomed and healthy, there is no reason why the two shouldn’t be allowed to stay together.

Many homeless state that their pet took care of them as much as they took care of the pet. Some even go so far as to say that their pets gave them a reason for living. These are the very reasons why it’s so important to provide the large number of homeless people every opportunity possible to keep their pets with them or provide them with temporary shelter.

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