Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Dear South Los Angeles and Neighbors,
The 2022 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count planning is underway and postponed to late February due to rising Covid-19 cases. In February, thousands of community members across the greater Los Angeles area will be counting their neighbors experiencing homelessness. The Los Angeles Homeless Count will be held across the  South Los Angeles ( SPA   ) region on Thursday, February 24th, 2022, from 8:00 pm - 12 am.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, we could not administer a count; therefore, a robust Count must be conducted this year to help paint a picture of the developments, trends, and shifts in the fight to end homelessness in LA County.  We can only be achieved this with your support and having 700 volunteers to help canvass the entire South Los Angeles ( SPA   ) region on the evening of February 24th, 2022.
Please consider joining us at one of the South LA County deployment sites shown below. No prior experience is required, and volunteers will be fully trained.  This year, we ask you to organize a team of trusted individuals and sign up together as a team of three.  On the night of the count, you can arrive as a team and stay within your safety bubble as you count your communities. LAHSA has also partnered with Akido Connect to utilize a new smartphone mobile app to follow the CDC guidelines.
Watch the Homeless Count 2022 Informational Video Here

Visit the links below to register as a volunteer in your local areas:

- (Current volunteer numbers as of 1.26.22)

Download the S. LA  Homeless Count  2022 flyers and post them online with our new social media kit:

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* For additional resources, contacts, recordings, and FAQ about the  Homeless   Count   here