Volunteers Needed for 2020 South Los Angeles Homeless Count: Thursday, January 23, 7:00 pm to Midnight

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is holding the 2020 annual Homeless Count over three days, January 21 to January 23. The count for LA County’s Service Planning Area 6 (South Los Angeles plus Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount) will be on the third day: Thursday, January 23.

The Countywide count needs 8,000 volunteers. The SPA6 portion needs some 700. These annual counts tell us if we are making progress in reducing homelessness, who the homeless are, where they are concentrating. This information strongly affects federal, state, county, and city funding, the location of new shelters and permanent supportive housing, and many other pressing matters for the tens of thousands of Los Angeles homeless.

Please join us on the night of January 23 to go out and count.

Most counters go by car: a driver, a navigator with a map, and one or two counters with clip boards to record what they see. Each car is given a map of one County census tract, to navigate through each street and alley, looking for encampments, people living in cars or RVs, and lone homeless individuals.


To volunteer, log in at:




At this site you can pick your day (Thursday the 23rd for South Los Angeles but you can choose other dates and locations), and a long list of specific assembly sites to choose from.