Addressing RV Encampments – Motion by Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell - SD2


Addressing RV Encampments – Motion by Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell - SD2

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Q: Why the focus on Recreational Vehicle (RV) Encampments?

A: In 2018 the County released a report with recommendations on sustainable solutions for assisting people living in vehicles. Since then, there continues to be a staggering increase of RV encampments within unincorporated areas.

This also has caused rising crime rates in and around RV encampments and unprecedented health concerns brought on by Covid-19. Effectively addressing this issue, requires the Board of Supervisors to have the most up-to-date data and a clear picture of the current landscape to identify hot spots and map priority areas. In addition, this information will provide the County with data to update engagement and housing strategies to meet the current needs of people living in RVs.

Q: Why the need to map Hot Spots for RV encampments? Will industrial/business zones be prioritized?

A: Not all of neighborhoods are impacted in the same way by RV encampments. There is a need for equitable resource distribution - focusing a greater amount of resources in the most impacted areas and/or to most vulnerable populations. The motion prioritizes the RV encampments which pose the greatest danger to both the unhoused and housed residents living in and around the encampments. The guidelines to identify hot spots include RV encampments in unincorporated areas with increased rates of criminal activities and greater danger to children in school zones. This includes industrial areas with businesses as well as residential streets.

Q: What will happen to the people living in the RVs? What happens when the RVs are removed and dismantled?
A: Our goal continues to be stable and healthy housing for all our constituents. Connection to housing options and support services is the first step in the County’s approach to addressing street homelessness which includes RV encampments. The 2018 RV encampment report includes recommendations for tools to have un-operable RVs dismantled to remove unsafe housing options for our residents. The motion does include identifying existing and new funding for PEH living in RVs to connect to appropriate housing options. Providers and outreach teams will be involved to provide the appropriate housing resources for PEH in dilapidated RVs for either permanent or interim housing. Once PEH have been placed into housing, the RVs will then be towed and dismantled to ensure we do not recycle the same RVs back into our streets. Parking and enforcement will depend on specific areas as needed based on safe removal of RVs and connection to housing and services for the folks living in the encampments.
Q: Why not just create safe-parking sites where all the RV’s can park right now? A: This motion refreshes the information on possible parcels for RV safe parking. The County and City of Los Angeles have both piloted and considered parcels of land for RV Safe Parking sites. We will continue to look for parcels of land and assess the feasibility including the infrastructure needed to maintain RVs in habitable and safe conditions.